• Save money and keep warm safely

    With the rising prices and more rigorous awareness of health and safety in the home thinking about heating becomes a more focused issue.

    There’s a lot of information out there, on the TV, in magazines and influential advertising. So wondering where to start when faced with trying to economise on your heating bill is quite a problem. Plus you do want something which makes a complimentary focal point in your house, becomes welcoming and inviting for visitors and for keeping your family together.

    Deciding on the style of fire you need, this will depend on initially 2 main points.

    The two main points to consider are quality appliances and service and safety.

    Safety First!

    1.  Do you understand what the safety symbols represent?

    Look out for DEFRA approved. This means that the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has approved the fuel burning in the appliance adheres to UK government legislation in the Clean Air Act of 1993.

    2.  Have you checked out the qualifications and proven experience of the fire appliance installer?

    Gas Safe registration is a legal requirement for anyone carrying out gas work so look out for the appropriate yellow triangle.

    Adequate trained staff to install the appliance are a must have, so look for the :HETAS Approved Registration Certification. This ensures that you will get a suitable and safe heating appliance fitted correctly.

    3.  Worrying about security issues online? - Online purchasing is the most economical way to get your fire but often makes us worry about identity theft and insecure payment systems. So look out for the secure site seal in your browser and when you complete your transaction. This means that all transactions will be secure, private and tamper-proof.

    Service with a smile

    Once you are familiar with these safety and security regulations all you need to do is search out the retailers who will have these 3 safety controls as essential parts of their business. A family run business with a good experience is often the best help for friendly useful advice. The next stop is to consider how much heat you are going to need and what type of fire will be most economical for your resources. Another BIG decision!

    The main objective is always to keep warm safely, enjoy looking at and being near the flickering flames and warm glow of a fire so you can relax in your home.

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