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  • Electric and Gas Stoves

     1) Broseley Canterbury Slimline Gas Stove

    This GAS stove by Broseley has a heat output of 5kW and an efficiency of 83%. The Canterbury can adequately heat a medium to large sized room, and has a traditional sleek, slimline design of a real wood-burning stove! It has a realistic coal fuel bed, with detailed door pattern and wide viewing window making it a practical statement piece.

    Priced at £778.99

    2) FireFox 8 Gas Stove

    This GAS stove by FireFox has a heat output of 5kW and an efficiency of 73%. The FireFox 8 has the largest heat output within its range, providing the heat benefits of a real solid fuel fire but without the mess! The stove has a traditional cast iron design, large viewing window and realistic coal effect that provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any room.

    Priced at £779.99

    3) Broseley Lincoln Gas Stove

    This GAS stove by Broseley has a heat output of 4.6kW and an efficiency of 80%. The Lincoln stove is a small, but very efficient stove suitable for any room. It comes with an oxygen depletion pilot system, which means it will automatically shut down if any fumes are detected. It has a sleek, double door and window design that would suit any contemporary style.

    Priced at £794.99

    4) Tiger Gas Stove

    This GAS stove by Tiger has a heat output of 5kW and an efficiency of 73%. This stove has a cast iron appearance and large curved viewing window, based on the design of the classic Tiger stoves. The stove has simple controls, making it easy to operate so you can focus on simply enjoying the comforting warmth of the stove's realistic flame picture.

    Priced at £694.99

    5) FireFox 5 Gas Stove

    This GAS stove by FireFox has a heat output of 4kW and an efficiency of 73%. The FireFox 5 has been designed to heat small to medium rooms, and provide the benefits of a real, solid fuel fire but without the mess.  The detailed design and realistic coal effect will provide a welcoming atmosphere for many winters to come.

    Priced at £649.99

    6) Broseley Winchester Stove - Electric or Gas


    We stock two Broseley Winchester Stoves; one GAS and one ELECTRIC. The Electric version has a small heat output of 2kW, and the Gas version has a heat output of 5.5kW. The Brosley Winchester has detailed traditional design, to compliment any style room. It has discreetly positioned controls, a sleek design and unique viewing window.

    Gas Priced at £1129.99

    Electric Priced at £661.99

    7) Broseley Serrano 3 Electric Stove

    This ELECTRIC stove by Broseley has a heat output of 2kW. The Serrano 3 stove is a small, but still suitable heating technology. It can be easily controlled with its built-in thermostat or remote control. This stove combines the traditional with the modern.

    Priced at £542.99


  • Top 4 Defra Approved Stoves

    We have chosen our top 4 Defra Approved Stoves. All stoves are wood burning and multi fuel stoves, with unique traditional or modern designs. They have been chosen on their heat output, efficiency and price. All stoves below are Defra Approved, so suitable for burning wood or coal in smoke controlled zones.

    1. Gallery Classic 8 Stove at £454.99

    This Classic 8 stove is one of the newest additions to the Gallery collection. It has an 8.4kw heat output and a 79% efficiency rating, meaning it would be suitable for heating any sized room. The design is classic, but with a modern twist meaning it would also be suitable for any style room. The stove has a wide viewing glass, and air wash system that helps keep the glass clean and clear. This Gallery Classic 8 Stove is priced at a reasonable £454.99.

    2. Ellesmere 6 AGA Stove at £1,294.99

    This AGA Ellesmere 6 stove combines the traditional AGA style, with a new contemporary design. Also, with a modern technical specification, this stove, in particular, was produced to a very high standard with a 6.4kw heat output. The stove is easy to operate and gives you the ability to control the stove's air intake. The Ellesmere 6 is the perfect focal point for any style room. Priced at £1,294.99.

    3. Tiger Clean Burn Stove at £424.99

    The Tiger Clean Burn Stove is built to the highest possible quality for the price. It has a 73% efficiency rate and a 5kw heat output, meaning it does not need an airbrick but can still heat any size room. The stove has a classic traditional finish, with curved feet and large viewing window perfect for the winters to come! The Tiger Clean Burn is priced at a reasonable £424.99.

    4. Tiger Inset Stove at £494.99

    The Tiger Inset stove is one of the newest appliances in the Tiger collection. It has a reasonable 4.9kw heat output and 82% efficiency, meaning it's a safe and efficient stove for any family home. This stove is hard-wearing and long-lasting, yet the design portrays a sleek style. This Tiger Inset Stove is priced at  £494.99.

  • Luxury Brands and Modern Stoves at Fires Direct

    At Fires Direct, we offer a range of luxury and modern stoves, alongside the traditional style stoves. In this blog there are 3 stove brands that we want to show off: Broseley, AGA and Franco Belge. We have a full selection of modern stoves from these brands at Fires Direct, but here are our 5 favourites!

    1. Franco Belge Monte Seba - £1,294.99

    Franco Belge are known for their stylish eye-catching stoves, and this Seba wood-burning stove is no exception! It's one of the largest stoves in the collection, with a tall, sleek design. The stove is a light colour fit with a long viewing window and practical log store. The Franco Belge Seba is capable of heating any size room due to its 8kw heat output and 80% efficiency. It offers a contemporary twist on the traditional stove, and still offers high-quality manufacturing and modern specifications.

    Franco Belge Monte Seba

    2. Broseley Serrano 7 - £998.99

    The Broseley Serrano 7 is capable of heating any size room due to it 7kw heat output. This Defra approved stove means it's able to legally and safely burn wood in smokeless zones with minimum combustion. It's arched window stunningly frames the fire, almost like a picture, while the cast-iron construction details provide a high-quality appearance. Overall this stove is highly efficient but also very stylish.

    Broseley Serrano 7 SE Log Store Multifuel/Wood Burning Stove

    3. Ellesmere 6 AGA - £1,294.99

    This Ellesmere 6 multi-fuel and log burning stove combines traditional AGA appearance with new contemporary design features. Despite being the largest in the collection, the stove is simple to operate and perfect focal point for any size room. The clean line design, cast iron construction and large viewing window, with 6.4kw heat output - perfect for enjoying stunning flame pictures and solid heat performance.

    Ellesmere 6 AGA Stove

    4. Westbury AGA - £1,389.99

    The Westbury wood burning stove has a sleek, contemporary appearance to match its modern specification and easy to operate controls. Fully approved to burn wood in a smoke exempt zone, with a 78.2% efficiency and 5.9kw heat output. It's safe and efficient, ideal for heating any home. With its graphite finish and large window door this stove is guaranteed to be the focal point of your room

    Westbury AGA Stove

    5. Lawley AGA - £1,389.99

    Fully approved wood burning stove for smoke exempt zones, also boasting an 80% efficiency rate and 4.4kw heat output. The Lawley AGA Stove is ideal for heating any family home. The air system within the stove helps keep the glass clean, and help regulate the air intake. The Lawley is also easy to operate with little maintenance, while elegant. It's curved body design and large window sets this stove apart.

    Lawley AGA Stove

    If you are interested in buying a sleek, modern stove then check out our whole range of stoves at Fires Direct.

  • First Look: FireFox Gas Stoves

    Beat the weather this winter with our new Firefox 5 and Firefox 8 Gas Stoves!

    Firefox 8 Gas Stove Coal Effect £637.99

    Our two new Firefox real cast-iron stoves, designed by Gallery Fireplaces, are manufactured to the highest quality standard. Available with a choice of either natural gas or LPG, a 125mm flue diameter, up to 73% efficiency and up to 4 and 5Kw heat output respectively, the Firefox 5 and Firefox 8 offer maximum warmth and efficiency for any sized room!

    Firefox 5 Gas Stove £558.99

    The Firefox stoves also look the part thanks to their realistic coal effect and sleek, stylish design that makes them a statement piece at the heart of any room.

    The Firefox 5 Gas Stove with a 4.k.W heat output is priced at £558.99, while the Firefox 8 with a 5.k.W heat output is priced at £637.99. Both are available with interest-free credit courtesy of DivideBuy, so, what are you waiting for? Shop now and stay warm this winter!

  • It’s raining again! Light up your gas stove!

    Consider these points :-

    - You would love a multi fuel burning stove but have no facilities or time to chop logs or store them or space for coal?

    - You come in late and tired from work?

    - You’ve got soaked putting the car away?

    - House feels cold and damp?

    - The children come home from school hungry and you have no time to set a fire?

    Well if you have installed a gas fires stove you can just flick a switch and you will have instant heat and a wonderful welcoming fire to sit by.

    This is the Broseley Canterbury Slimline gas stove.

    I agree this is not everyone’s choice but as far as instant heat goes nothing can beat a gas fired stove with either log or coal effect flames.

    Gas stoves are inexpensive to run and also highly efficient.

    Why consider a gas stove?

    - The main advantage gas stoves have is that they are at maximum efficiency and heat output in a matter of seconds.

    - Ideal system for an older person who may have health problems and be unable to kneel/chop wood.

    - Gas stoves will provide a stunning focal point for any room.

    - They come in traditional or modern designs, and have the same traditional cast iron body as have multi fuel burners. You can have log effect flames or coal.

    - These gas stove are designed to look like traditional log burning stoves. Lighting up will provide the same glow and even the noise of burning.

    - Conventional flue gas stoves usually require an existing chimney – or a twin wall system. However if this is a problem for you there are also flueless stoves available which do not require that chimney.

    - Easy to operate – you can even have remote control switching.

    - No fuel storage problems.

    There are many advantages to consider….especially if you already have a gas connection to a traditional fire in your fireplace. E.g. The Tiger gas stove with log effect.

    Price wise they are similar to good multi fuel systems, only slightly more expensive but well worth the extra expense. If you decide to go for one of these and are looking around for a good supplier online also consider taking out finance if you cannot afford to pay outright. A good supplier will be able to offer this, have all the relevant safety certificates in place and best of all good customer service.

    It maybe summer now and most of us only need that extra heat occasionally but we’ve had plenty of summer rain recently and there will plenty more of that to come in autumn and winter. Be prepared!!!

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