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  • Top 6 Fireplace Suites for your home

    We have chosen the top 6 Fireplace suites at Fires Direct to make your decision even easier. All suites are of the highest quality and have a luxury, simplistic and traditional design. We have also chosen the best from a wide selection of brands, from Durrington to Coniston.

    1) Durrington 48 Fireplace Suite

    At number one is this Durrington fireplace suite. The suite is simple and traditional, the design is perfect for any room and will provide a subtle yet stunning focal point.  The suite is made from natural Chiltern Jura-stone to produce a smooth, quality finish. It's also a practical fireplace for those busy family homes as it's stain and scratch resistant, and easy to clean.

    As you can see in the picture, the Durrington fireplace suite is the perfect accompaniment to one of our wood burning stoves, like the FireFox 5.1. Priced at £539.99, this classic fireplace guarantees quality.

    2) Stokesley 48" Marble Fireplace Suite

    This Stokesley suite has a simple stepped surround, with optional twin spot feature lights. It comes in a stunning Perla colour, perfect for any style room. The micro marble design is simply timeless, and the lights give a sense of pure elegance.

    The suite is priced at £794.99, and for that you get the high-quality suite, with an elegant design. Perfect for a modern home, accompanied by a silver fire piece.

    3) Cartmel 48" Marble Fireplace Suite

    This fireplace by Cartmel is another high standard, fine-grained, man-made micro marble suite. It has a sleek design, with a shallow arch and polar white colouring. Again, you can get this suite with optional down lights which makes it suitable for a contemporary and traditional interior style.

    This suite is suitable for any gas and electric fire and is priced at £594.99. Overall, this Cartmel fireplace has a smooth, polished surface, consistent colour and high-quality finish.

    4) Coniston 54 Fireplace Suite

    This Coniston fireplace has a very unique style, with it's shallow Tudor arch, bevelled outed edges and Limestone finish it's sure to be the staple point of any room. Even though the suite has a traditional Tudor design, the style has been simplied making it look sleek and modern.

    The suite is made completely from Limestone, which provides a smooth, luxury finish. This Coniston fireplace has a lot of character and elegance, and can be complemented by a traditional stove like the Tiger Gas Stove with Log Effect. This suite is priced at £894.99.

    5) Cranbourne 44 Fireplace Suite

    This fireplace suite by Cranbourne has a narrow, slimline design. It has a tiered opening mantelpiece which is combined with a natural Limestone hearth and surround. This fireplace will be the statement piece of any room, and ideal for slightly smaller rooms.

    The natural Limestone is intermingled with fossils and blooms which provides a consistent light coloured finish with black veins, giving it character and elegance. Priced at £494.99.

    6) Kendal 48 Fireplace Suite

    This Kendal fireplace has a Tudor like design, with its shallow arch, moulded decorative detail and bevelled mantelpiece. With its unique design, and style its guaranteed to be the focal point of any room.

    Again, this fireplace suite is made from natural Portuguese Limestone, which is intermingled with fossils and blooms, to provide a smooth finish and consistent, light coloured background with darker veins. As you can see in the image, a black fire piece works well with this Tudor style. This suite is priced at just £598.99.

  • Finding The Right Fireplace For You

    A fireplace is more than likely the focal point of your room, so finding the perfect match for your home and fire is key to lighting up your room. We’ve put together the most important factors to consider when finding the right fireplace for you.

    Langdon 48" Marble Fireplace Suite: £934.99

    Safety First!

    In addition to providing a focal point, your fireplace is an efficient feature that can help to maintain fire safety.

    When using a multi-fuel of wood burning stove, the fireplace hearth helps to protect your carpet or floor from falling ash or burning embers, as well as helping children and pets keep a safe distance from your fire’s radiating heat and any unexpected embers.


    Choosing the right style of fireplace is vital to creating a central feature that complements the rest of your room, and, with a range of styles and sizes available, finding something to suit you has never been easier.


    Traditional fireplaces, such as the Dublin Corbel 48” Marble Fireplace Suite, remain popular as they are adaptable and fit seamlessly into the majority of decors and styles.

    The Dublin Corbel 48” Marble Fireplace Suite is manufactured to the highest standard from fine-grained micro marble with a polished surface and consistent white colour that is guaranteed to be a robust yet stylish focal point in your room for years to come!

    Dublin Corbel 48" Marble Fireplace Suite: £994.99


    Offering sleek finishes, modern designs and adapted with metals to radiate heat more efficiently, modern fireplaces offer a contemporary twist on modern fireplaces.

    The Cartmel 48” Marble Fireplace Suite has a sleek, shallow arch and is made from man-made micro marble with a smooth, polished surface and high-quality finish that is accentuated with stunning optional downlights to provide a simple, yet modern, focal point.

    Cartmel 48" Marble Fireplace Suite: £594.99


    With narrower hearths and simple design features, minimalist fireplaces are ideal for smaller rooms looking for a less obtrusive fireplace suite.

    The Durrington 42” Fireplace Suite has a narrow hearth and simple design to fit seamlessly into any room. Meanwhile, its natural Portuguese Limestone construction, intermingled with fossils and blooms, provides a consistent, light coloured background with darker veins that remains simple, yet stylish,  to provide a statement piece for smaller rooms.

    Durrington 42" Fireplace Suite: £394.99

    Fires Direct offer a wide range of fireplace styles so not matter what style or budget you have, we have something to suit you!

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