Fireplace Suites: Marble, Limestone or Jurastone?

1) Cartmel 48" Fireplace Suite - Micro Marble

A micro marble fireplace retains the charm and elegance of traditional marble, but is much more resistant to damage and stains - and they’re more affordable, too!

This micro marble suite is suitable for gas and electric fires and comes complete with surround, back panel and hearth. The Cartmel Marble Fireplace Suite has a smooth, polished surface, consistent colour and high-quality finish that makes it suitable for contemporary and traditional interior styles.

Priced at £594.99

2) Coniston 54 Fireplace Suite - Chiltern Jurastone

If you're looking for a clean, classic style, a Jurastone fireplace is the perfect choice. It adds a subtly elegant focal point to any room, whatever your interior design style.

All made from natural Jurastone and coated in a textured, Chiltern coating to produce a smooth, high-quality finish. The Coniston Jurastone fireplace is easy to clean, plus scratch and stain resistant so you can be assured this timeless, elegant fireplace is guaranteed to last!

Priced at 594.99

3) Dacre 54 Fireplace Suite - Portuguese Limestone

Made from 100% natural, high-quality Portuguese limestone, resulting in a unique, beautiful finish to complement just about any interior.

The Dacre surround, back panel and 54” hearth are all made from natural Portuguese Limestone and intermingled with fossils and blooms, to provide a smooth finish and consistent, light coloured background with darker veins.

Priced at £749.99

4) Kendal 48 Fireplace Suite - Cotswold Jurastone

Made from real stone, Jurastone offers timeless solidity, whilst the specially developed coating allows complex designs and shapes to be incorporated at a price you can afford.

The Kendal Cotswold Jura-Stone Fireplace is also easy to clean and scratch and stain resistant so you can be assured this classic fireplace is guaranteed to last! The Kendal’s surround, back panel and 48” hearth are all made from natural Cotswold Jura-stone to produce a smooth, high-quality finish.

Priced at £564.99

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