Electric and Gas Stoves

 1) Broseley Canterbury Slimline Gas Stove

This GAS stove by Broseley has a heat output of 5kW and an efficiency of 83%. The Canterbury can adequately heat a medium to large sized room, and has a traditional sleek, slimline design of a real wood-burning stove! It has a realistic coal fuel bed, with detailed door pattern and wide viewing window making it a practical statement piece.

Priced at £778.99

2) FireFox 8 Gas Stove

This GAS stove by FireFox has a heat output of 5kW and an efficiency of 73%. The FireFox 8 has the largest heat output within its range, providing the heat benefits of a real solid fuel fire but without the mess! The stove has a traditional cast iron design, large viewing window and realistic coal effect that provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any room.

Priced at £779.99

3) Broseley Lincoln Gas Stove

This GAS stove by Broseley has a heat output of 4.6kW and an efficiency of 80%. The Lincoln stove is a small, but very efficient stove suitable for any room. It comes with an oxygen depletion pilot system, which means it will automatically shut down if any fumes are detected. It has a sleek, double door and window design that would suit any contemporary style.

Priced at £794.99

4) Tiger Gas Stove

This GAS stove by Tiger has a heat output of 5kW and an efficiency of 73%. This stove has a cast iron appearance and large curved viewing window, based on the design of the classic Tiger stoves. The stove has simple controls, making it easy to operate so you can focus on simply enjoying the comforting warmth of the stove's realistic flame picture.

Priced at £694.99

5) FireFox 5 Gas Stove

This GAS stove by FireFox has a heat output of 4kW and an efficiency of 73%. The FireFox 5 has been designed to heat small to medium rooms, and provide the benefits of a real, solid fuel fire but without the mess.  The detailed design and realistic coal effect will provide a welcoming atmosphere for many winters to come.

Priced at £649.99

6) Broseley Winchester Stove - Electric or Gas


We stock two Broseley Winchester Stoves; one GAS and one ELECTRIC. The Electric version has a small heat output of 2kW, and the Gas version has a heat output of 5.5kW. The Brosley Winchester has detailed traditional design, to compliment any style room. It has discreetly positioned controls, a sleek design and unique viewing window.

Gas Priced at £1129.99

Electric Priced at £661.99

7) Broseley Serrano 3 Electric Stove

This ELECTRIC stove by Broseley has a heat output of 2kW. The Serrano 3 stove is a small, but still suitable heating technology. It can be easily controlled with its built-in thermostat or remote control. This stove combines the traditional with the modern.

Priced at £542.99


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