Top 5 Stove and Fireplace Accessories

Check out the must-have fireplace accessories from Fires Direct. We sell a variety of accessories from Log Baskets and Coal Hods to Fire Screens and Companion Sets.

Full List of Accessories:

  • Coal Hods
  • Coal Tubs
  • Log Baskets
  • Ash Buckets
  • Coal Scoops
  • Fire Screens
  • Briquette Maker
  • Chimney Accessories
  • Companion Sets
  • Flue Pipes

1. De Vielle Log, Kindle and Match Holders

With a matte black finish and decorative writing, these De Vielle holders are a practical and stylish fireside accessory. Suitable for storing fireplace logs, kindle and matches to make refuelling your fire easy and convenient!

Set of 3 priced at £59.99

2. De Vielle Black Waterloo Bucket

With its strong but lightweight construction, two handles and angled top, this bucket is ideal for conveniently storing, transporting and adding fuel to your fire. Plus, the bucket has a simple black finish, making it a perfect fireside accessory for any room.

Priced at £24.99

3. De Vielle Ash Shovel and Holder Set

Suitable for all standard grates, enabling you to easily remove ash from your fire dust-dree, whilst also providing a stylish contemporary finish to your fire.

Priced at £24.99

4. De Vielle Premium Heavy Duty Dome Spark Guard

With a robust, black, cast-iron construction, this spark guard is designed to protect you, your family and home from any unexpected embers or sparks. It is also useful for preventing children or animals from getting too close to the fire.

The cast-iron construction allows maximum protection yet still allows your fire's heat and light through, meaning the benefits of your fire can still be felt by the whole room. The screen shape fits most fireplaces, and provides an unobtrusive fire accessory that is both practical and decorative.

Priced at £44.99


5. De Vielle Black Heritage Coal Hod

With a strong but lightweight construction, this coal hod is ideal for storing a large amount of coal to keep your fire burning. The hod's two handles and angled top make it easy to transport and add coal into the fire, while its simple black finish with stainless steel handles and brand make it a stylish yet practical addition.

Priced at £34.99

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