Top 4 Defra Approved Stoves

We have chosen our top 4 Defra Approved Stoves. All stoves are wood burning and multi fuel stoves, with unique traditional or modern designs. They have been chosen on their heat output, efficiency and price. All stoves below are Defra Approved, so suitable for burning wood or coal in smoke controlled zones.

1. Gallery Classic 8 Stove at £454.99

This Classic 8 stove is one of the newest additions to the Gallery collection. It has an 8.4kw heat output and a 79% efficiency rating, meaning it would be suitable for heating any sized room. The design is classic, but with a modern twist meaning it would also be suitable for any style room. The stove has a wide viewing glass, and air wash system that helps keep the glass clean and clear. This Gallery Classic 8 Stove is priced at a reasonable £454.99.

2. Ellesmere 6 AGA Stove at £1,294.99

This AGA Ellesmere 6 stove combines the traditional AGA style, with a new contemporary design. Also, with a modern technical specification, this stove, in particular, was produced to a very high standard with a 6.4kw heat output. The stove is easy to operate and gives you the ability to control the stove's air intake. The Ellesmere 6 is the perfect focal point for any style room. Priced at £1,294.99.

3. Tiger Clean Burn Stove at £424.99

The Tiger Clean Burn Stove is built to the highest possible quality for the price. It has a 73% efficiency rate and a 5kw heat output, meaning it does not need an airbrick but can still heat any size room. The stove has a classic traditional finish, with curved feet and large viewing window perfect for the winters to come! The Tiger Clean Burn is priced at a reasonable £424.99.

4. Tiger Inset Stove at £494.99

The Tiger Inset stove is one of the newest appliances in the Tiger collection. It has a reasonable 4.9kw heat output and 82% efficiency, meaning it's a safe and efficient stove for any family home. This stove is hard-wearing and long-lasting, yet the design portrays a sleek style. This Tiger Inset Stove is priced at  £494.99.

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