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  • Cleaning Your Stove-5 Top Tips!

    Your fire is the focal point of your room but are you giving it the attention it deserves? Cleaning and maintaining your wood or coal burning stove is essential to ensuring it remains efficient, safe and looking the part, and, with the winter months fast-approaching, now is the perfect time to get your stove in pristine condition. However, as with any appliance, it is important to use the correct equipment and know how to clean your fire safely to avoid injuring yourself or damaging your fire. With this in mind, read our top five cleaning and maintenance tips to get your fire ready for those cosy nights in by the fire!

    Safety Tip: before cleaning your fire ensure it is cool to touch. 

    Empty the ash

    Wood burns better on a light bed of ash, something stoves are specifically designed to allow. However, these, and coal burning stoves, still need cleaning regularly to avoid ash building and touching the underside of the grate. If this happens the air flow around and through the grate will be reduced causing the grate bars to overheat, consequently damaging your stove and causing unnecessary risk. Simply emptying the ash pan around once a week, depending on use, can prevent this and keep your stove burning safely and efficiently.

    The De Vielle Ash Safe £34.99



    TOP TIP: it is advisable to empty the ash into an ash bucket or safe, like the one featured above, to dispose of ash safely and minimise the mess!






    Clean the throat plate

    Soot can fall down the flue and gather on the throat plate, making your fire inefficient and dangerous as these deposits can ignite or prevent smoke leaving the appliance. Therefore, it is important to clean your throat plate regularly to ensure there is a clear flue way for smoke to leave your appliance and keep your fire safe.

    Replace the rope seal

    Rope seal is a heat resistant rope that forms a seal around your stove door to aid a gas and air tight seal to ensure no excess air seeps into the firebox and maintain the safe functioning of your fire. This rope is subject to general wear and tear and so, over time, effectiveness and safety can be reduced meaning it should be replaced regularly.

    TOP TIP: to check the efficiency of your rope seal close the stove door on a piece of paper, then gently try to pull it free of the door. If the paper pulls free easily, it is likely your rope needs replacing.

    Clean the glass

    Your fire is a stylish focal point of your room so it goes without saying you want it to look its best. Cleaning the glass on your stove regularly is an easy way to keep it looking shiny and new and ensure you can clearly take in the view of your flickering flames.

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    A lot of our stoves, like the Firefox 12 Wood Burning/Multi Fuel Stove, come with built in primary and secondary air controls with air wash to help keep the glass clean, saving you time and money!

    TOP TIP: take care not to use anything abrasive to clean your glass as this can cause permanent damage! Cleaning your glass regularly should ensure any grime is easily removed. 

    Sweep it all away

    Employing a professional chimney sweep is vital to maintaining a clear chimney and essential to the health of your stove! It is recommended you employ a chimney sweep at least twice a year if you are burning wood or bituminous house coal and at least once a year when burning smokeless fuels. This will reduce the build-up of tar or creosote in your chimney flue which in turn reduces the risk of chimney fires.

    TOP TIP: the best time to have your chimney swept is just before the heating season or after your fire has been out of use.

    FireFox 5.1 CleanBurn II Wood Burning/Multi Fuel Stove £411.99










    A lot of our stoves, like the FireFox 5.1 CleanBurn II Wood Burning/Multi Fuel Stove, come with a built in self-supporting interlocking firebox component for ease of use and cleaning. With many great features to help maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your stoves and great engineering built to last, shop our great range of stoves now!

  • Flaming Fire Accessories

    We all know and love the inviting warmth a fire brings to a room. But, did you know that your fire can be embellished with a few simple accessories? Fire accessories can contribute to the safety, practicality and whole aesthetic of your fire. It can be a confusing and expensive process deciding what accessories are right for you and your fire. So, we’ve picked out our favourites to make the whole process that bit easier and make sure your fire is kitted out for the fast-approaching winter months.

    Tiger Wood Burning/Multi Fuel Stove from £384.99

    Safety first!

    Fire safety is always the number one concern for parents, pet-owners and safety-conscious fire owners, so, these accessories can make your fire that little bit safer to make sure you can enjoy relaxing in front of those flickering flames without the need to worry.

    Fire Screens

    No matter what fire you have sparks can easily fly and there’s no better way to protect you, your family and your home than with a fire screen to block any unexpected sparks or debris.

    Not only this, fire screens, particularly those that can attach to the wall, are a great way to prevent those who aren’t aware of the dangers of fire, such as children or pets, from getting too close.

    Although fire screens are a great means of protection against the dangers of fire they are also a great decorative feature of your fire. While the fine mesh protects from unexpected sparks, it still allows heat and light through meaning the benefits of your fire can still be felt by the whole room.

    Your fire is more than likely the focal point of your room and it can be a worry that a fire screen can detract from this. However, there are now a wide range of styles available from contemporary to traditional, so, whatever your taste there should be a spark guard to improve your fire safety and embellish your fireplace!

    For more information on fire screens see our previous article: Fire Screens -  Safety and Summer!

    De Vielle Black 4-Fold Screen £29.99



    TOP TIP: A folding screen is a great choice for adjusting around your fire surround and can be easily stored when it is not in use!








    Buckets and Hods

    Whether it is coal or wood keeping your fire burning, buckets and hods are both safe and practical storage methods, and, with a great range to choose from you can easily find the perfect match for your fire.

    De Vielle Log, Kindle and Match Holders £59.99










    Buckets and log holders, like the De Vielle Log, Kindle and Match Holders featured above, are the perfect accessory for any fire, whether you want the practical storage of solid fuels or a purely cosmetic item. Buckets come in a variety of styles, sizes and colours to provide the perfect finish to your fire and store your fuel safely and stylishly.  

    De Vielle Ash, Shovel and Holder Set £24.99







    A great addition in this range is the De Vielle Ash Shovel and Holder Set. This product is perfect for cleaning out your fire safely, to ensure it continues to run efficiently, or, is a great accessory for contributing to the theme of your fireplace!

    Companion Sets

    De Vielle Turn Handle Companion Set 25" £34.99










    Last but not least are companion sets! Ranging in size and style these are perfect for any fire and consist of the following: brush, coal tongs, shovel and poker. Despite their practical uses these can still provide a decorative finish to your fire.

    De Vielle Coal Bucket/Companion Set £34.99



    TOP TIP: Purchasing a coal bucket with a companion set is a great way to lower the cost and storage space of your accessories!

  • It’s raining again! Light up your gas stove!

    Consider these points :-

    - You would love a multi fuel burning stove but have no facilities or time to chop logs or store them or space for coal?

    - You come in late and tired from work?

    - You’ve got soaked putting the car away?

    - House feels cold and damp?

    - The children come home from school hungry and you have no time to set a fire?

    Well if you have installed a gas fires stove you can just flick a switch and you will have instant heat and a wonderful welcoming fire to sit by.

    This is the Broseley Canterbury Slimline gas stove.

    I agree this is not everyone’s choice but as far as instant heat goes nothing can beat a gas fired stove with either log or coal effect flames.

    Gas stoves are inexpensive to run and also highly efficient.

    Why consider a gas stove?

    - The main advantage gas stoves have is that they are at maximum efficiency and heat output in a matter of seconds.

    - Ideal system for an older person who may have health problems and be unable to kneel/chop wood.

    - Gas stoves will provide a stunning focal point for any room.

    - They come in traditional or modern designs, and have the same traditional cast iron body as have multi fuel burners. You can have log effect flames or coal.

    - These gas stove are designed to look like traditional log burning stoves. Lighting up will provide the same glow and even the noise of burning.

    - Conventional flue gas stoves usually require an existing chimney – or a twin wall system. However if this is a problem for you there are also flueless stoves available which do not require that chimney.

    - Easy to operate – you can even have remote control switching.

    - No fuel storage problems.

    There are many advantages to consider….especially if you already have a gas connection to a traditional fire in your fireplace. E.g. The Tiger gas stove with log effect.

    Price wise they are similar to good multi fuel systems, only slightly more expensive but well worth the extra expense. If you decide to go for one of these and are looking around for a good supplier online also consider taking out finance if you cannot afford to pay outright. A good supplier will be able to offer this, have all the relevant safety certificates in place and best of all good customer service.

    It maybe summer now and most of us only need that extra heat occasionally but we’ve had plenty of summer rain recently and there will plenty more of that to come in autumn and winter. Be prepared!!!

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