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  • AGA STOVE - summer is a PERFECT time to purchase!

    Summer is perfect to give you time to research thoroughly before purchasing a new Aga stove and to decide if you will need any finance to help. You will notice these fires are much more solid and are very substantial but as with all things good you get what you pay for, so they are more expensive!

    Lots of things to consider when you are making your decisions just as there are with other types of stoves and fireplaces.

    • Firstly I have often wondered what makes an AGA stove better or different than a normal wood burner type?
    • In fact what exactly do the letters A G A actually mean??

    Well …. A G A is actually the letters that stand for the name of a Swedish company who invented a system of safer storage for the acetylene gas used in lighthouses. Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator! The reason these stoves are now so successful is based on their heavy iron castings, or sometimes with the more contemporary designs they can be heavy duty steel .

    Whatever the casting they have the AGA attributes which retain and absorb heat. So that answers the first two queries!

    Now consider the AGA stove reputation:

    • AGA’s have been around for over 80 years and have always been at the forefront of being known for their top class engineering.
    • They are cast iron or heavy duty steel, employ the best new technology – they have all the best traditions embodied in them!
    • AGA stoves look the part! Their appeal is timeless and they are the best around making a stunning centrepiece in any home.
    • In winter they are great for leaving on all night; they will save on any normal central heating system costs as they will help to heat the whole house.
    • They can be wood or multi fuel burning.

    E.g. The AGA Ellesmere 5 multi fuel Wood burning stove. This blends all the traditional AGA values but with a contemporary look. It also has a wonderful large viewing window so you can still feel like you are sitting by an open fire. It has a top or rear flue outlet.

    Do not discount getting an AGA if you have a very modern contemporary home – there are designs which will be perfect for this look too.

    e.g.  The Lawley AGA stove. This wood burning stove is approved by DEFRA for use in smoke exempt areas.

    Looking for an AGA may mean you need finance so now is a good time to do it whilst you are not fighting with higher heating bills and trying to heat your house in efficiently. Look for offers of interest free credit and shop around to find the best deals for you but be sure to check out the dealers who have a good customer service and are registered for all the safety measures and qualifications, e.g. DEFRA approved.


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