• Top 5 Stove and Fireplace Accessories

    Check out the must-have fireplace accessories from Fires Direct. We sell a variety of accessories from Log Baskets and Coal Hods to Fire Screens and Companion Sets.

    Full List of Accessories:

    • Coal Hods
    • Coal Tubs
    • Log Baskets
    • Ash Buckets
    • Coal Scoops
    • Fire Screens
    • Briquette Maker
    • Chimney Accessories
    • Companion Sets
    • Flue Pipes

    1. De Vielle Log, Kindle and Match Holders

    With a matte black finish and decorative writing, these De Vielle holders are a practical and stylish fireside accessory. Suitable for storing fireplace logs, kindle and matches to make refuelling your fire easy and convenient!

    Set of 3 priced at £59.99

    2. De Vielle Black Waterloo Bucket

    With its strong but lightweight construction, two handles and angled top, this bucket is ideal for conveniently storing, transporting and adding fuel to your fire. Plus, the bucket has a simple black finish, making it a perfect fireside accessory for any room.

    Priced at £24.99

    3. De Vielle Ash Shovel and Holder Set

    Suitable for all standard grates, enabling you to easily remove ash from your fire dust-dree, whilst also providing a stylish contemporary finish to your fire.

    Priced at £24.99

    4. De Vielle Premium Heavy Duty Dome Spark Guard

    With a robust, black, cast-iron construction, this spark guard is designed to protect you, your family and home from any unexpected embers or sparks. It is also useful for preventing children or animals from getting too close to the fire.

    The cast-iron construction allows maximum protection yet still allows your fire's heat and light through, meaning the benefits of your fire can still be felt by the whole room. The screen shape fits most fireplaces, and provides an unobtrusive fire accessory that is both practical and decorative.

    Priced at £44.99


    5. De Vielle Black Heritage Coal Hod

    With a strong but lightweight construction, this coal hod is ideal for storing a large amount of coal to keep your fire burning. The hod's two handles and angled top make it easy to transport and add coal into the fire, while its simple black finish with stainless steel handles and brand make it a stylish yet practical addition.

    Priced at £34.99

  • Stanley Brandon Cookers: 60, 80 or 100?

    We offer 3 types of Stanley Brandon cookers, in 3 colours. The only difference between the cookers, is the boiler size; 60k, 80k or 100k. So, how do you choose?

    Stanley Brandon Cooker

    The Stanley Brandon Cooker range combines a classic design with the latest technology to create the perfect balance between past and present.

    The boiler delivers excellent cooking performance and combines the highly efficient condensing technology to save you time and money. The twin chrome hotplate covers, rapid heat-up time, temperature gauge, dedicated on/off time for cooking and twin burners that enable you to control cooking and central heating separately, make this the ultimate cooker for precision and efficiency.

    The cookers have a beautiful, sleek design and enamel finish guaranteeing to be the focal point at the heart of any kitchen.

    Boiler Sizes:

    • 60K
    • 80K
    • 100K


    • Black
    • Cream
    • Claret

    The Stanley Brandon is the ultimate range cooker for style and precision control.

    Key Cooker Features:

    • Programmable hot water
    • Twin chrome hotplate covers
    • New simmer plate cover
    • Chrome towel rail
    • Digital display and electronic controls
    • Stylish Stanley badging and temperature gauge
    • Can be flued without a chimney using a fan flue kit or twin-walled flue pipe
    • Fully compatible with underfloor heating
    • Separate control of hot water, central heating and oven preheat to 150ºC
    • Seven days, three channel digital timer
    • Rapid water heating - 45 minutes to heat a 60-gallon tank of water to 45 degrees
    • 8,000 BTU's of radiant heat at 200 degrees
    • Integrated fault finding diagnostics
    • Dedicated on/off time for cooking

    Boiler Specifications:

    Brandon 100 -

    • Boiler Output: 29.3kW (100,000 BTU)
    • Functionality: Central Heating, Domestic Hot Water, Cooking
    • Radiators: 20

    Brandon 80 - 

    • Boiler Output: 23.4kW (80,000 BTU)
    • Functionality: Central Heating, Domestic Hot Water, Cooking
    • Radiators: 16

    Brandon 60 - 

    • Boiler Output: 17.6kW (60,000 BTU)
    • Functionality: Central Heating, Domestic Hot Water, Cooking
    • Radiators: 12
  • FREE Fuel Voucher Offer

    Free £50 fuel voucher with any stove from Fires Direct!

    When you purchase a stove from Fires Direct you can receive a £50 fuel voucher for Coals2u!

    So, whether it’s smokeless coal, house coal, firewood, kindling or firelighters that gets your fire burning, you can get stocked up for the winter months.

    How does it work?

    After purchasing your stove, simply fill in the form and we will email you your unique voucher code to spend on any fuel available for purchase and delivery at Coals2U.

    To claim this discount, simply follow these steps:

    1. CREATE AN ACCOUNT ON COALS2U. Click here to create your account today





    Vouchers will only be issued after your purchase has been verified with the stove retailer. If you haven’t received your code within seven days, please check your junk mailbox or contact us.

  • Top 5 Multi-fuel Stoves

    Multi-fuel stoves are similar to wood-burning stoves in appearance and function however, they also allow you to burn coal and smokeless fuels such anthracite or peat/turf briquettes.

    In the list below are 5 of our best multi-fuel stoves;

    1. Broseley Serrano 5 Stove

    The Broseley multi-fuel stove has a heat output of 5kw and is capable of heating a medium to large room effectively. It's Defra approved, so legal to burn in smokeless zones.

    It has a traditional cast-iron but sleek design for a contemporary room feature. The air wash feature keeps the arched glass window stay clean so you can enjoy the flame view.

    2. Tiger Stove

    The Tiger multi-fuel stove has a maximum heat output of 6kw, providing flexibility and efficiency. Plus, the air wash system means the stove is low maintenance and easy to clean.

    It's long-life chrome steal fire bars ensures quality. And, thanks to its black cast-iron appearance, cool touch handle and wide viewing window this stove will look the part in any room.

    3. FireFox 5.1 Cleanburn Stove

    The FireFox 5.1 multi-fuel stove is Defra approved for smokeless zones,  with clean burn technology. It's still very efficient, with a 4.9kw heat output. The stove has air wash technology, and interlocking firebox component to keep the glass clean.

    The stove has easy to use air controls and easily accessible handles. Plus, the traditional appearance will complement any size or style room, with its matte black paint and classic silver handle.

    4. Broseley Winchester Stove

    The Broseley Winchester multi-fuel stove combines the traditional brand appearance, with quality and modern manufacturing. It has an 8kw heat output and easily controlled air wash feature to keep the glass clean for the perfect view of the fire.

    The stove has unique side-view windows for viewing the flames from multiple angles - making this stove the perfect focal point for your room. It comes with an adjustable grate for multi-fuel use.

    5. FireFox 8.1 Twin Door Stove

    The FireFox 8.1 multi-fuel stove combines the design of a traditional stove, with innovative and modern technology. FireFox are known for high-quality but great value stoves. It has an 8.4kw heat output, with external riddling grate and ceramic firebrick lining.

    This stove is perfect for heating medium to large sized rooms, ensuring efficiency. The air wash technology helps to keep the stove glass windows clean to save you time and money. The double doors and iron construction design complete the sleek look of this appliance.

  • Top 6 Fireplace Suites for your home

    We have chosen the top 6 Fireplace suites at Fires Direct to make your decision even easier. All suites are of the highest quality and have a luxury, simplistic and traditional design. We have also chosen the best from a wide selection of brands, from Durrington to Coniston.

    1) Durrington 48 Fireplace Suite

    At number one is this Durrington fireplace suite. The suite is simple and traditional, the design is perfect for any room and will provide a subtle yet stunning focal point.  The suite is made from natural Chiltern Jura-stone to produce a smooth, quality finish. It's also a practical fireplace for those busy family homes as it's stain and scratch resistant, and easy to clean.

    As you can see in the picture, the Durrington fireplace suite is the perfect accompaniment to one of our wood burning stoves, like the FireFox 5.1. Priced at £539.99, this classic fireplace guarantees quality.

    2) Stokesley 48" Marble Fireplace Suite

    This Stokesley suite has a simple stepped surround, with optional twin spot feature lights. It comes in a stunning Perla colour, perfect for any style room. The micro marble design is simply timeless, and the lights give a sense of pure elegance.

    The suite is priced at £794.99, and for that you get the high-quality suite, with an elegant design. Perfect for a modern home, accompanied by a silver fire piece.

    3) Cartmel 48" Marble Fireplace Suite

    This fireplace by Cartmel is another high standard, fine-grained, man-made micro marble suite. It has a sleek design, with a shallow arch and polar white colouring. Again, you can get this suite with optional down lights which makes it suitable for a contemporary and traditional interior style.

    This suite is suitable for any gas and electric fire and is priced at £594.99. Overall, this Cartmel fireplace has a smooth, polished surface, consistent colour and high-quality finish.

    4) Coniston 54 Fireplace Suite

    This Coniston fireplace has a very unique style, with it's shallow Tudor arch, bevelled outed edges and Limestone finish it's sure to be the staple point of any room. Even though the suite has a traditional Tudor design, the style has been simplied making it look sleek and modern.

    The suite is made completely from Limestone, which provides a smooth, luxury finish. This Coniston fireplace has a lot of character and elegance, and can be complemented by a traditional stove like the Tiger Gas Stove with Log Effect. This suite is priced at £894.99.

    5) Cranbourne 44 Fireplace Suite

    This fireplace suite by Cranbourne has a narrow, slimline design. It has a tiered opening mantelpiece which is combined with a natural Limestone hearth and surround. This fireplace will be the statement piece of any room, and ideal for slightly smaller rooms.

    The natural Limestone is intermingled with fossils and blooms which provides a consistent light coloured finish with black veins, giving it character and elegance. Priced at £494.99.

    6) Kendal 48 Fireplace Suite

    This Kendal fireplace has a Tudor like design, with its shallow arch, moulded decorative detail and bevelled mantelpiece. With its unique design, and style its guaranteed to be the focal point of any room.

    Again, this fireplace suite is made from natural Portuguese Limestone, which is intermingled with fossils and blooms, to provide a smooth finish and consistent, light coloured background with darker veins. As you can see in the image, a black fire piece works well with this Tudor style. This suite is priced at just £598.99.

  • Refundable Survey Option

    We know purchasing a stove is a big decision and the options can be confusing. So, at Fires Direct we give you the choice of a fully refundable survey to make your decision easier and ensure you choose a safe, efficient and cost-effective stove.     

    Our surveys are a great way for you to get more information about what product you can have installed in your home, taking into consideration compatibility, efficiency and safety.

    Our surveyors also offer a no obligation quotation for installation.

    How does it work?

    Simply purchase a survey online and an independent surveyor will get in touch within 2-5 working days to arrange a suitable time and date for the survey.

    We cannot give recommendations or a quotation for installation over the phone, a survey is required so we can provide the best service and advice for you and your home.

    How much is the survey?

    Our survey is priced at £25. However, the survey is fully refundable when you purchase a stove from Fires Direct for over £500, simply contact our sales team when ordering.

    What areas do we cover?

    Our surveyors work across the following areas.

    • BL - Bolton
    • CW - Crewe
    • DE - Derby
    • HD - Huddersfield (Brighouse/HD6, Holmfirth, Huddersfield)
    • M - Greater Manchester
    • OL - Oldham
    • S - Sheffield (Barnsley, Chesterfield, Dronfield, Hope Valley, Mexborough, Rotherham, Sheffield and Worksop)
    • SK - Stockport
    • ST - Stoke On Trent (Stoke-on-Trent, Stafford, Leek, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stone and Uttoxeter)
    • WA - Warrington
    • WN - Wigan

    To check your area, or for more information, contact our team.

    Why should you purchase a survey from Fires Direct?

    Although you may know which stove you want or need, it is worth getting expert advice on whether this stove is the most compatible, safe and cost-effective for your home or room to save you time and money in the long run.

    Our surveyors are also able to give quotations for installation so you can be aware of the full cost of your stove and installation.

    With surveys being fully refundable if you purchase a stove over £500, you have nothing to lose!

    For more information on our survey contact our team, or purchase your survey today to receive free, impartial advice from industry experts.

  • Top 4 Defra Approved Stoves

    We have chosen our top 4 Defra Approved Stoves. All stoves are wood burning and multi fuel stoves, with unique traditional or modern designs. They have been chosen on their heat output, efficiency and price. All stoves below are Defra Approved, so suitable for burning wood or coal in smoke controlled zones.

    1. Gallery Classic 8 Stove at £454.99

    This Classic 8 stove is one of the newest additions to the Gallery collection. It has an 8.4kw heat output and a 79% efficiency rating, meaning it would be suitable for heating any sized room. The design is classic, but with a modern twist meaning it would also be suitable for any style room. The stove has a wide viewing glass, and air wash system that helps keep the glass clean and clear. This Gallery Classic 8 Stove is priced at a reasonable £454.99.

    2. Ellesmere 6 AGA Stove at £1,294.99

    This AGA Ellesmere 6 stove combines the traditional AGA style, with a new contemporary design. Also, with a modern technical specification, this stove, in particular, was produced to a very high standard with a 6.4kw heat output. The stove is easy to operate and gives you the ability to control the stove's air intake. The Ellesmere 6 is the perfect focal point for any style room. Priced at £1,294.99.

    3. Tiger Clean Burn Stove at £424.99

    The Tiger Clean Burn Stove is built to the highest possible quality for the price. It has a 73% efficiency rate and a 5kw heat output, meaning it does not need an airbrick but can still heat any size room. The stove has a classic traditional finish, with curved feet and large viewing window perfect for the winters to come! The Tiger Clean Burn is priced at a reasonable £424.99.

    4. Tiger Inset Stove at £494.99

    The Tiger Inset stove is one of the newest appliances in the Tiger collection. It has a reasonable 4.9kw heat output and 82% efficiency, meaning it's a safe and efficient stove for any family home. This stove is hard-wearing and long-lasting, yet the design portrays a sleek style. This Tiger Inset Stove is priced at  £494.99.

  • Luxury Brands and Modern Stoves at Fires Direct

    At Fires Direct, we offer a range of luxury and modern stoves, alongside the traditional style stoves. In this blog there are 3 stove brands that we want to show off: Broseley, AGA and Franco Belge. We have a full selection of modern stoves from these brands at Fires Direct, but here are our 5 favourites!

    1. Franco Belge Monte Seba - £1,294.99

    Franco Belge are known for their stylish eye-catching stoves, and this Seba wood-burning stove is no exception! It's one of the largest stoves in the collection, with a tall, sleek design. The stove is a light colour fit with a long viewing window and practical log store. The Franco Belge Seba is capable of heating any size room due to its 8kw heat output and 80% efficiency. It offers a contemporary twist on the traditional stove, and still offers high-quality manufacturing and modern specifications.

    Franco Belge Monte Seba

    2. Broseley Serrano 7 - £998.99

    The Broseley Serrano 7 is capable of heating any size room due to it 7kw heat output. This Defra approved stove means it's able to legally and safely burn wood in smokeless zones with minimum combustion. It's arched window stunningly frames the fire, almost like a picture, while the cast-iron construction details provide a high-quality appearance. Overall this stove is highly efficient but also very stylish.

    Broseley Serrano 7 SE Log Store Multifuel/Wood Burning Stove

    3. Ellesmere 6 AGA - £1,294.99

    This Ellesmere 6 multi-fuel and log burning stove combines traditional AGA appearance with new contemporary design features. Despite being the largest in the collection, the stove is simple to operate and perfect focal point for any size room. The clean line design, cast iron construction and large viewing window, with 6.4kw heat output - perfect for enjoying stunning flame pictures and solid heat performance.

    Ellesmere 6 AGA Stove

    4. Westbury AGA - £1,389.99

    The Westbury wood burning stove has a sleek, contemporary appearance to match its modern specification and easy to operate controls. Fully approved to burn wood in a smoke exempt zone, with a 78.2% efficiency and 5.9kw heat output. It's safe and efficient, ideal for heating any home. With its graphite finish and large window door this stove is guaranteed to be the focal point of your room

    Westbury AGA Stove

    5. Lawley AGA - £1,389.99

    Fully approved wood burning stove for smoke exempt zones, also boasting an 80% efficiency rate and 4.4kw heat output. The Lawley AGA Stove is ideal for heating any family home. The air system within the stove helps keep the glass clean, and help regulate the air intake. The Lawley is also easy to operate with little maintenance, while elegant. It's curved body design and large window sets this stove apart.

    Lawley AGA Stove

    If you are interested in buying a sleek, modern stove then check out our whole range of stoves at Fires Direct.

  • Summer Fuel Storage

    With summer upon us, your stove is more than likely out of use or not used as often. Consequently, fuel storage can become an issue. Here, we’ve selected some of our favourite fuel storage accessories to keep your fuel stored safety, yet stylishly, over the warmer months.

    De Vielle Black Coal Hod - £18.99

    De Vielle Coal Hod £18.99

    Our lowest priced storage accessory, the De Vielle Black Coal Hod has a strong but lightweight construction making it ideal for storing a large amount of fuel to keep your fire burning.

    Meanwhile, the hod’s two handles and angled top make it easy to transport and add the fuel into the fire over the winter months. Its simple black finish makes it the perfect fireside accessory for any style of room. This Coal Hod is also available with a galvanised finish.

    De Vielle Galvanised Coal Tub - £19.99

    De Vielle Galvanised Coal Tub £19.99

    Strong and durable with a convenient handle and lid, the De Vielle Galvanised Coal Tub allows you to store fuel over the summer months yet is also a practical way to transport fuel in the winter.

    Meanwhile, the tub has been galvanised to prevent rust and corrosion and offer a stylish twist on a traditional fireside accessory. The tub is also available in black to suit any style of home.

    De Vielle Black & Brass Waterloo Bucket - £29.99

    De Vielle Black & Brass Waterloo Bucket De Vielle Black & Brass Waterloo Bucket £29.99

    Thanks to its strong but lightweight construction, two handles, and angled top, the De Vielle Black & Brass Waterloo Bucket is ideal for conveniently storing and transporting fuel. Its open top design provides easy access yet is also a stylish design feature. Meanwhile, the bucket's simple black finish with brass handles make it a stylish yet practical fireside accessory.

    De Vielle Natural High Backed Log Basket - £34.99

    De Vielle Natural High Backed Log Basket £34.99

    With a high back to keep logs in place, the De Vielle Natural High Backed Log Basket is ideal for storing a large amount of logs to conveniently refuel your fire.

    Meanwhile, the jute liner and traditional wicker weave make the De Vielle Log Basket a stylish, decorative fire accessory that will add to the design of your fire in both the summer and winter months.

    De Vielle Log, Kindle & Match Holder - £59.99

    De Vielle Log, Kindle and Match Holders De Vielle Log, Kindle and Match Holders - £59.99

    With a matt black finish and decorative writing, the De Vielle Log, Kindle and Match Holders are a practical and stylish fireside accessory suitable for storing fireplace logs, kindle and matches over the summer months and stocking up fuel ready for the winter!

    If you’re looking for some practical yet stylish fuel storage accessories for over the summer months, shop our great range now!

  • Fire Screens – The Perfect Summer Solution

    With the summer months upon us, your fire or stove is more than likely out of use. Fire screens are a perfect decorative accessory, as well as a useful safety feature, for when your fire is not being used.  Below are just a few screens from our range of fireside accessories that are the perfect purchase for protecting your fire over the summer months.

    De Vielle Black 4-Fold Screen

    De Vielle Black 4-Fold Screen £29.99

    With four identical sections of fine mesh, the De Vielle Black 4-Fold Screen protects you, your family and home from any unexpected embers or sparks but also works as a stylish decorative feature that easily adjusts to fit most fireplaces.

    The fine mesh of the fire screen allows your fire’s heat and light through, meaning the benefits of your fire can still be felt by the whole room, while the black, traditional design of this fire screen mean it will match any style of fire or room.

    The folding screen can be easily stored away when it is not in use.

    De Vielle Black Nursery Guard

    nursery guard fire screen De Vielle Black Nursery Guard £48.99

    With a robust, durable construction the De Vielle Black Nursery Guard is the ideal solution to stop children getting too close to the fire and is a practical accessory that can protect your fireplace from damage in the summer months.

    Easy to assemble, extendable to fit all fireplaces, able to fold flat for storage, and coming with clips to fit securely to your wall, the De Vielle Nursery Guard is built with safety and convenience in mind.

    De Vielle Fire Screen Bow Pewter

    De Vielle Fire Screen Bow Pewter £49.99

    The De Vielle Fire Screen Bow Black is designed to protect you, your family and home from any unexpected embers or sparks and prevent children or animals from getting too close to the fire.

    Meanwhile, the curved, pewter design makes this an unobtrusive fire accessory that is both practical and decorative.

    Starting from just £29.99, Fires Direct stock a great range of fire screens in varying designs and sizes, so you can find the perfect one to suit your room and fire this summer.




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